To inexplicably render any and all electronic devices, jewelry, power tools or other consumer goods of the slightest monetary value in your general vicinity, missing, inoperable, useless or otherwise completely worthless.

Coined from a "rehab" nickname given to an individual with the last name of Cronin, who would frequently engage in this type of behavior.

(Apparently, in rehab, instead of using one's full name (privacy laws), they use one's first name and last initial. When there are two people with the same first name in rehab at the same time, they use the first TWO letters of the person's last name to differentiate.)

Thusly, when out of rehab and tweakin’ again, it becomes really easy to destroy inanimate objects very quickly without realizing the damage being caused; often not recalling inflicting any damage or being near the item in question at all.

This phenomenon is often accompanied by vehement denial of any wrongdoing or involvement what so ever.
"Fuck! I passed out while smoking and totally CR'd a bunch of my laptop keys. They're all melted, man!"
by MoInThe415 June 28, 2005
Top Definition
Can't Remember Shit!
Quick lets spam some more, #Desi is getting one of his C.R.S attack again.
by maidesihoon May 31, 2005
Cum rag; a rag to catch ejaculate from the male or female anatomy. In the pre-historic days CRs were normally made of leather or soft wood.
Gee mom! Thanks for washing my CR, I asked Mauzy if he needed a clean CR since all he had was paper,

Friend: "Man I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and got a cashmere CR its complexion feels exceptional on the foreskin!
by Mr.Gisriel December 03, 2008
a narrative which is obviously false and made up and could never be possible to recreate
That story is a C-R. There is no way it could happen.
by Phil McCraken February 18, 2005
an excuse which is obviously fake
He didn't lose her phone number, she dumped him!
by Phil McCraken March 01, 2005
Short for "Campbell River," a small city on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

North of Courtenay, Comox, and Nanaimo and south of Port Hardy, Port Alice, and Sayward.
"Dude, is she from Nanaimo?"

"Nope, she's a CR skank."

by Cody Murray March 20, 2008
A story that could be true, but the person telling it could obviously not have accomplished the said task.
There's no way that he could have jumped from a moving jeep and combat rolled down the road at 30 mph... he can't even do a pullup! That's a total C-R.
by Jethro February 21, 2005
Abbreviation for crank, aka crystal meth, aka methamphetamines, et cetera.
I've been tweaking on CR for the past three days.
by Damonbee March 26, 2004

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