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Verb; to hold the joint for more than 10 minutes.
Please don't Cobbs that doobie.
by Charity Lee January 15, 2009
6 7
Someone annoying who you would rather just go away because they are lame.
Will you please tell that freakin' cobb to stop calling me?
by Joe February 20, 2005
52 55
To Absolutely destroy a young child, usually with the first name tim.
Adrew Completely Cobbed Tim that one day. It was pretty cool.
by Kshul1234 June 15, 2009
12 19
Verb- To discretely grab the male genitalia out of nowhere
"Hey that girl is crazy, i was dancing with her and she tried to cobb me"
by cahill November 13, 2005
28 35
One of the prophesized 5. Kinda cool but kinda scary.
Cobb seems pretty cool, but I bet you he has murdered lots of peoples.
13 26
V. To Molest a boy while dancing
Me- "Dude why are you running away from that girl she was hot"
Dude- "Yea but that crazy girl just cobbed me"
by cahill November 17, 2005
19 33
A final post on a message board. An attempt at garnering attention by referencing that it is a final post. First seen 'en masse' on tigernet.
I am leaving this board. I can't stand the animosity or lack of attention. Therefore, this is my Cobb.
by Wine Guy May 06, 2004
13 27