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Noun, abbreviation of "Caged Dog On Heat", which is used to define someone who persistently follows members of the sex to which they are attracted around in order to attempt to have sex with them. Imagine a female dog, on heat, locked in a cage, with several male dogs outside, just waiting for a chance to get her sex. The C.D.O.H acts in a similar way and will follow their desired ones around, flirting outrageously and annoyingly, often in other people's faces. Sometimes acts in such a way with a girl he knows a friend likes.

The full "caged dog on heat" can be used, however C.D.O.H is more covert.

Often preceded with an extra initial which further defines them.
"Man, *guys name* is all over *girls name* again, he's such a C.D.O.H."

"Man I swear, *guy* proper wants some sex, he's all over the girls. He's acting like a caged dog on heat."

"That guy is an G.C.D.O.H (ginger caged dog on heat)."
by SMC Hull November 15, 2007
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