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C Milton Wright is a very diverse school with the majority being white preps. The African-Americans and wiggers try to stay in groups that are usually situated in front of the Social Studies hall and often cause a road block to students who try to get to their Government class. They also sit in the two tables closest to the cafeteria entrance. The goths/poor kids/nerds are situated either in the front entrance outside and are usually loud and obnoxious. They also tend to group near the bushes outside of the cafeteria after school and it is always common to see one fall into the bushes and down the hill only to erupt in a annoying laugh. There is a place on the third floor where all the preppy, rich kids who think that the world revolves around them hang out. It is usually either near the Y-stairs or in the elevator hallway. Overall the teachers are nice and easy going but the administrators are well, at times, assholes. Overall, C. Milton Wright is a pretty normal school where the gym teachers are perverts who make the pretty girls do butterflies so they can look at their underwear, where the drama and art classes are abundant in lesbians and gays, where you can expect a stink bomb to go off every other week, and where you cannot get from one class to another without hearing the word fuck. Another thing that one should note is that the football team is cocky and acne prone and the cheerleaders love cock (in other words they are sluts who were once unpopular in middle school but now think that 2 pounds of makeup and a thong can make them hot). We take pride in our sports teams and ridicule in our bands, chorus, etc. We stand up and shout in the pep rally but slouch and sleep during the Spring and Winter concerts. We have good friends, who we don't talk to the next year. And even though we are betrayers, liars, assholes, and bitches...there is no gun violence, there isn't a fight every day, there aren't girls getting pregnant (except one), and there aren't rape charges against teachers. Because we are not Edgewood High and we are not some Baltimore city school. We are the Mustangs. We play it safe and hard.
by ffejffejffejffejffej August 29, 2007
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Very wealthy public school in haford county maryland, where the majority of the boys are preppy, play lacrosse, and spend there time in weight training. you'll find your average stoner, thug, nerd, and goth here and there too. The girls dont eat, dye their hair, and hate eachother. C. Milton Wright High School is filled with drama and assholes.
by mustangpride2332 August 16, 2005
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Pretty much considered the richest public school in harford county, AKA C- Hilton Wright. Here, the many types of teens ("preps", "punks", "skaters", "gangsters", "wiggers", "dorks" and "jocks") all basically hate eachother. We're no school, we're basically a division of war. Here, the preps are ugly fake blondes that don't eat and crave attention. Yep.... good ole C milton, boy i miss it.
(at pep rally) "hey man, what can we do to hurt that person over there, will it improve us as a person?"
by Melinda March 02, 2005
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