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My ex girlfriend or any other chick who isn't just ugly on the outside.
"Are you still with that one chick?"

"Nah, me and ol' c-face broke-up months ago."
by monroe1962 May 24, 2009
Cunt face to put it bluntly! There are always times when a potent insult is required (typically in the absence of the insultee) but potent language can be a bit coarse on sensitive ears. Can be abbreviated to "C" if desired. Can be used to describe anyone who is generally unappealing - mentally, socially or physically.
Wommo:"That girl we were talkin to last night was an absolute C-Face!"

Jock:"Fucking oath! She was a dead-set C!"
by wh@le September 10, 2006
n. - short for cunt face

1. a look of utter disgust, silent resentment, indignation
2. physically, the face is scrunched up as if responding to a bad smell
Guuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrllllllll (while making cface)

Don't be givin' me that cface.

(In response to cface) Did you see what she just gave me?
by billybobo March 21, 2010