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Cunt face to put it bluntly! There are always times when a potent insult is required (typically in the absence of the insultee) but potent language can be a bit coarse on sensitive ears. Can be abbreviated to "C" if desired. Can be used to describe anyone who is generally unappealing - mentally, socially or physically.
Wommo:"That girl we were talkin to last night was an absolute C-Face!"

Jock:"Fucking oath! She was a dead-set C!"
by wh@le September 10, 2006
n. - short for cunt face

1. a look of utter disgust, silent resentment, indignation
2. physically, the face is scrunched up as if responding to a bad smell
Guuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrllllllll (while making cface)

Don't be givin' me that cface.

(In response to cface) Did you see what she just gave me?
by billybobo March 21, 2010
My ex girlfriend or any other chick who isn't just ugly on the outside.
"Are you still with that one chick?"

"Nah, me and ol' c-face broke-up months ago."
by monroe1962 May 24, 2009
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