Used to describe a man who possesses the physical attributes of an ape, usually with an enormous and bushy beard (pirate style). Enjoys immersing himself in popular culture (football, pop music, mainstream television) and usually drives a baby blue or pink Nissan Micra. Enjoys ranting.

Also likes frequenting local computer retailers in the hope of picking up a guy.

Used in a derogatory sense, akin to noob.
Man what a total bytey!
by Camp Dave June 21, 2006
Top Definition
Used to denote having skills in a certain area, in particular IT or gaming related area's. To be compared to Bytey known have skills in various area's and can also mean pimp in certain groups.
Dude you got mad skillz like bytey.
OMFG that frag was so bytey dude!
That code is bytey.
by Greengoblin June 14, 2006
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