Byker Grove is some sort of soap opera that had been run on BBC for a number of years. Set in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the geordies have a good laugh, and also share bad times, with numerous people being killed on railway tracks or in fires in 'the Grove' which happen far too often to be actually true.
'Bradley, are you going down the Grove?'

'No, I've got to buy lottery tickets for my gran'
by MikeS December 05, 2004
Top Definition
A BBC TV show where a fat geordie called Bradley tries different money making schemes every episode. His smart ideas however always end up burning down the grove or killing someone.
Yo Bradley, you comin down to the grove, man?!

Bradley tried to make money from creating his own tanning studio but gave 10 people skin cancer.
by Jonny3k December 05, 2004
BBC TV show, written about a particularly rough area of Newcastle Upon Tyne in England, but actually filmed in a far less rough area, as the realy Byker is a shithole (for lack of a better word) Has massively exxagerated storylines and not enough crime or underage drinking and pregnancy to be a real depiction of Newcastle, looking through a rough area with rose tinted glasses, or just talking complete and utter shit
saying Chicago is safer place to live than a small town with absolutely no crime is Byker Grove-ing it
by F1n July 17, 2006
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