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4 definitions by MikeS

abbreviation for the Prudential Center in Boston, MA.
Do you want to go to the Ben & Jerrys in the Pru or the one on Newbury St.?
by MikeS June 18, 2006
A type of cable often used to connect a VCR to a TV.
I just connected my TV to my VCR with a scart cable. It's better than using an RF connection.
by MikeS November 28, 2004
to cross two or more intersecting streets in one direct nonstop path while avoiding contact with all intermediate corners.
See hypotenuse-tionanal-ize.
"There is no traffic in any direction at this intersection, it is appropriate to diagonalize" yelled Jane to her friend on the far corner.
by MikeS August 15, 2006
Byker Grove is some sort of soap opera that had been run on BBC for a number of years. Set in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the geordies have a good laugh, and also share bad times, with numerous people being killed on railway tracks or in fires in 'the Grove' which happen far too often to be actually true.
'Bradley, are you going down the Grove?'

'No, I've got to buy lottery tickets for my gran'
by MikeS December 05, 2004