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The catchphrase of Dave Chappelle as Howard Dean. It includes punching your right hand to the top-right about 45°. Dave himself also does/says this at sexual climax (orgasm).
(On the subject of gay marriage)
Dave/Howard Dean: "Well, I think that when talking about this issue, we have to remember that Mr. Cheney has a lesbian daughter. Not only that, his mother's a lesbian and his sister's a lesbian, and his greasy granny has holes in her panties! Byaaah! I. LOVE. LESBIANS! Byaaah!!
by GameBoy3008 July 26, 2006
dave chappelles funniest line ever. based on howard deans speech wherein he makes a retarted donkey-sounding noise
i love lesbians, byaaah!
i watch "the L word" on showtime, byaaah!
i got a tx policy that'll break your neck, byaaah!
by mike beer September 22, 2006

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