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Informing someone to call your cell phone at a later time; (ie. Call me later..); if texting, use "btt";
Rick: what's your plans for tonight?

Bob: I'm not sure yet...

Rick: when you have a plan, buzz the tower.
by Kernsie May 17, 2010
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To do a flyby in a jet at full speed close to a control tower. Tom Cruise did it in Top Gun after defeating Jester.
Lieutenant: Be prepared for when Ghostrider decides to buzz the tower
Trainee: Oh, yeah right

(Ghostrider buzzes the tower)
(Trainee spills coffee on their shirt)
Trainee: Damn, that guy is crazy
Lieutenant: See, I told you so
by CoolBro72 January 25, 2012
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The act of asking for permission to shave or trim one's pubic hair. Usually from one partner to another.
Heath: Permission to buzz the tower?
Theresa: Go ahead, you ain't bringing that shit near me any how!
Heath: Come on baby, it'll be just like when we was in High School!
Theresa: Small and inadequate?
Heath: Say what now?
by 1SIKKID February 04, 2009
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