your nutsack more back than normal touching your asshole causing major rashing when shiting
His huge buttsac gave a rash all the way down his leg after relieving his massive shit!
by Chris Wills July 07, 2003
Top Definition
A sac used to hold one's saggy butt (usually caused by being a buttslut).
Jas has a buttsac the size of a parachute.
Jas sometimes has to use 2 buttsacs, double wrap.
by andyGILL July 08, 2005
Sack of Dingle Berries that is attached to ones ass crack
not possible
by Phil July 20, 2003
When one mans Ball sac is deformed and located on his bum cheek.
I saw Jibblin Joe the other day and when he bent over to get his news paper and I saw his nasty Butt Sac !
by tony titz November 05, 2007
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