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UK Slang for a Sandwich, see also butty
Now then our kid, do us a corned beef and brown sauce BUTTIE
by Ste-vo August 20, 2003
smoke; a cigarette bud
guy1: hey man u got a buttie?
guy2: nah man, last one
by bombai May 06, 2006
Welsh slang for a friend, a pal, a mate
My buttie Aled and me was talking...
by Elinnid April 06, 2006
Butt-buddy ... a buddy of the booty. A mate in which you mate with. Usually summoned by a booty call, a buttie is typically someone you have a sexual past with whom you recycle, or someone you are sexually but not emotionally attracted to.
"So are you and Brandon dating again?"

"Nah, we're just butties"
by Cason-Point February 27, 2010
Friends with benefits whom often engage in anal sex with each other.
Q: "So are you two dating now?"

A: "No, we're just butties."
by Joe Blow 97 April 22, 2008
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