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A butt icicle, a poop that decides to just hand around. Very slow poop: the opposite of a buttbolt.
Man I had a butticle for an hour this morning, it made me late to work
by Monkeypants9000 October 19, 2011
1 8
Some one who is being a butt; annoying you on purpose; being ignorant or annoying; the words butt and barnicle together. Someone who has a nice butt.

Synonyms: Annoying, Ignorant,booty
Misspellings:buticle, butticel
Dude what a butticle! How annoying do they get?
Dang! She has one nice butticle!
by sandaforyou December 12, 2010
16 2
One half of a posterior large enough for the butt meat to hang over the thigh, it looks good enough to lick... like a Popsicle. It also hangs and jiggles like testicles.... so there's that image for you.
Look at the way her butticles jiggle when she walks!
by ebaggy7 December 10, 2013
2 1
The invisible odor producing particle emitted from butt when one passes gas.
Who farted? Now we're all going to inhale your butticles!
by BiPolar Bear July 01, 2007
2 20