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Butthaze refers to anything produced that does not please the creator, but impresses an outsider. This term is most commonly used in the creative design industry, where a designer is not pleased with his work, but his superiors, colleagues, or clients are satisfied.

Butthaze, originally an old method of hallucinating, consisted of urine and feces collected in a bottle and kept out in sunlight for extended periods of time. Inhaling the "haze" would invoke hallucinations for days, and sometimes death.

** There is also counter-butthaze where the creator is very satisfied with their work, but an outsider does not find it pleasing.
Ryoko: I just finished this comp for the Blackberry proposal, but I'm not satisfied with it.

Colleague: Well, I think it looks fantastic.

** This instance clearly shows Ryoko's work is butthaze
by Speecesies June 23, 2009
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