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With just a flick of the wrist, you go from harmless citizen to vicious, knife-weilding warrior. Same stigmas as a swithblade apply; see dangerous, lethal, scary and gangster. Although no more lethal than any other sharp object (see rock, nail and razor for examples), the media has turned it into something it never was.

Technical definition: balisong

Commonly mistaken as: switchblade, illegal
That flashy looking device I opened with one hand was a butterfly knife.
by James September 12, 2004
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Also called balisong or batanga. Not to be mixed with butterfly sword. A knife where the handle is in two parts, and the parts can be rotated around so they enclose the knife to hide the blade. With the right technique, very easy and fast to open. Illegal in many countries, because, like switchblades, they're easy to conceal. Baliswords also exist, often over two feet when opened.
I thought that I had a chance in this fistfight, until suddenly he had a butterfly knife in his hand. Luckily i brought my butterfly sword.
by Nicohasa September 12, 2008
A common misconception is that the Balisong is actually a Butterfly knife, this misconception came from stupid white people going to asia, and coming back with the things.....

A Butterfly Knife is a large, flat shortsword, with a D-Shaped handguard, the Balisong, which is commonly called a butterfly knife, has nothing to do with it.....
Homeboy thought he had a butterfly knife, but when he pulled it out his balisong, I carved him up with these two cleaver lookin' things right here!
by Taichi March 25, 2005
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