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"Ghetto Screwdriver"

"Alcoholic drink consisting of cheap vodka and inexpensive orange drink (Sunny Delight, Tampico, Orange Kool Aid)"
"Peanut, bring your daddy a Butter Knife, and use the good Popov in the freezer!"
by Scottie3Ballz May 03, 2010
A butter knife is a knife made from butter. As knives go it's pretty good as long as you keep it very cold.

Waaaay back before the Bronze Age, there is no evidence of butter implements being used. However, we are sure that the cavemen used butter knives of a rudimentary design. Unfortunately for archaeologists, global warming of the earth over the past few thousand years has caused all ancient butter knives to melt. All that is left are a few knife-shaped grease stains. I wish people would stop warming thier bloody globals, it's causing untold damage.

We do know that the Neanderthals used butter spears to kill their prey, and butter arrows and quivers were used in the middle ages. Evidence for this has been found in the European Butter Mountains.
How to make a butter knife:

Take some fresh dairy butter and sharpen the butter until razor sharp. Keep in the fridge.
by kodiac1 July 04, 2006
Sneaking up behind someone and rubbing the thumb-side of ones hand in a smooth upward motion between said person's butt crack.
I butterknifed your mom.
by ALB_B November 05, 2009
Another name for a 1-iron golf club.
Tiger used to be able to crush the old butterknife. Now he can't hit it to save his life.
by yakalot June 17, 2013
A word that we tried to look up on urbandictionary while we were high.
Nathan! *Snaps fingers* Look up butter.... knife.
by MONO-I cant spell the rest June 07, 2003
A move preformed when jumping into a pool. No specific movement involved, rather flailing of the limbs, and yelling "BUTTERKNIFE!!". Originally created as a subdivision of the manuver The Jack Knife.
Austin busted a sick ass Butterknife!
by asdubgiaudgfiua October 22, 2005
Utensil Used To Pretend To Kill Yourself
I'm Gonna End My Life..Gotta Go Find A Butterknife...Cut...Cut...Cut...Drip...Drip...Drip...Bleeding...Moans....Thud...Hits The floor Dead! All Because Of A Butterknife I Am Dead!!!
by Tatume05 June 17, 2003
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