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hot as hell face but nasty ass!!!!
damn that girl is hott as hell but the ass is disgusting!!!!
by natty July 21, 2003
n; a woman who's ass doesn't do the rest of her justice.
Man, I like Jennie but she's such a butter ass!!! I want something to grab dude. I need a girl with a ghetto booty!!!
by Markelie October 18, 2010
A girl who one might generally call a butterface but who possesses an ass worthy of attention such that it compensates for and exceeds other possible faults. Butterass negates slight to medium cases of butterface.
Him: "Damn, man, she's a bit ugly..."
Me (Pointing at her posterior): "Maybe...butterass"
Him: "Oh damn!"
by buttman99 January 03, 2012
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