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jaws,jaw,mouth and/or using any one of them excessively.
"I met this chick at a party last night that I thought was hot,but all she wanted to do was run her jibs about her ex-boyfriend,I was SO not into that."
by Hybridbird March 02, 2005
Someone who does something unexpected or sometimes rude to you.Either intentionally or un-intentionally,not really causing any harm or damage,usually just inconvienience.
"Dude,that chick over ther asked to use my cell phone for a just a sec,and that little fucker face has been on it running her jibs for like 10 minutes!"
by Hybridbird March 02, 2005
slang term used to describe the vagina
I dated a girl once who's cockbasket was so torn up from having so many kids,I had to make her cross her legs when we had sex just so I could feel it.
by Hybridbird March 02, 2005
A NOT so delightful smell that emanates from people after they have participated in physical activity and began to sweat.More often noticed around people that come from areas of the world NOT real known for their hygiene practices.
I don't think my new neighbor is fond of showering,cuz everytime he comes over this way,I smell the distinct scent of hot buttered ass and garlic.
by Hybridbird August 04, 2006
Describes a person or a place or thing that is in very bad or rough shape.
"Dude,I haven't slept in 3 days I'm hit in the mouth."

"that must have been one crazy ass party you had last night because your apartment is hit in the mouth!"
by Hybridbird March 02, 2005
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