A general term used to describe a Homosexuals anus by an adoring partner
Mike says to Trent, I want lick Tys buttcunt!
by tylersev October 11, 2006
Top Definition
A man's asshole that is fucked by another man as if it was a vagina.
Show me your buttcunt.
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
a man or woman who takes penile penatration in their anal cavity or cocoa canyon.
Vicky's canyon canal was like fucking a warm glass of water, so we all gang banged her dirty butt cunt.
by Filthbag March 18, 2007
The term given to the large butt like lump near the vagina when overweight (usually Greek) women attempt to hide their stomach buy sticking it into their pants. this gives them the appearance of having two butts, or a 'butt cunt'.

Can also be used as a derogatory term for anything (or anyone) you are even the slightest bit annoyed at.
example 1 - "hey have you noticed dianne lately?"

- "yeah dude, she's developed a monster 'butt cunt'"

- "she just doesnt care anymore"

example 2 - "hey leigh, did you remember to get the doritos?"

- "sorry i left them at home"

- "your a butt cunt leigh"
by skAdZ December 05, 2010
the end result of a girl wiping back to front after taking a shit.
man, i went down on laura last night, and she was suffering from major buttcunt
by deucemanchester February 20, 2011
When a woman's vagina crease meets a woman's arse crack to make one long crevice. This is known as a buttcunt.
Girl 1: Don't you hate it when your arse crack meets your vagina crease?

Girl 2: Damn Giiiirrl! You got a buttcunt!
by buttcunts4life May 18, 2011
when a girls ass and pussy have been crammed with so much cock that they have become one.
dude is that a pussy or ass?
I belive that its a buttcunt
by The Almighty One February 18, 2005
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