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Something that is cool or some one that is cool.

Yo, my new snowboard is sooo buttaz
by K-sizzle December 14, 2005
Someone who is ugly.
"He is buttaz!"
by Fiona June 23, 2003
someone below the acceptable standard of looks.
1st p: gimme your digits
2nd p: naaaaaa
1st p: cmon y not
2nd p: u buttaz
by *!* November 05, 2003
someone who is really ugly!
Joe: eurgh dat girl is ugly!
Sam: Nah she's buttaz
Joe and Sam: HaHa
by Aisha.B April 10, 2007
Something that is so disgustingly foul beyond belief that it burns your eyeballs.
e.g. Omg Cher Lloyd is just so buttaz.

Cher Lloyd = Buttaz
by 009tasha July 04, 2011
orgin. Philadelphia

Tan Tim boots or Timberlands
Yo I need to go shoppin to go get some buttaz
by SP A-Lex February 03, 2008
BUTTAZ does NOT mean UGLY!!!!

buttaz, butters, buttas, butterz etc is DC slang for crack
*takes a hit*
"ooo nigga thas some buttaz!"
by tyroneeeeeee February 03, 2008