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A person who will often partake in the act of sniffing another's anus or sphinctal region. No one is a true butt-sniff unless they truly enjoy the act off butt-sniffage.
Person 1 bends over
Butt-sniff sniffs the rear of person 1 with a satisfied look on their face
Person 2: God you're such a Butt-Sniff
by n0ddy96 September 02, 2010
a person who sniffs butt.. (someone like a dog)
You freakin' buttsniff, don't call me that!
by youwillneverknow January 21, 2004
a word to yell at someone that would fall under the catagory as ugly, gross, etc.
Hey, Buttsniff i don't like you!!!!!!!
by ugly kidd May 20, 2008