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Derived from the common scenario in which a pack of gum resides in one's pants pocket longer than the date of the initial purchase. As time passes, the buyer of the gum will unknowingly wind up sitting on the pack, resulting in the individual pieces of gum becoming mushy and difficult to unwrap.
Jonas: Wow, that dinner was off the hook. (pulls out gum) Anyone care to freshen up with a piece of gum?
Melvin: No thanks, chief. You bought that gum at last weekend's mixer event. That is clearly butt-gum.


Donald: Hey friend, care to try this new flavor of gum I got?
Patrick: Hmm... I dunno, that looks like it could be butt-gum.
Donald: Nah, don't worry, I just bought it today.
by arlevitt February 12, 2009
A pack of gum that you have stuck up your butt and left out for greedy friends that try to steal your gum.
Casey: "Hey Cody, are you just gunna let Hank steal your gum"

Cody: "Don't worry, that's my butt gum"

Casey: "Oh Nice"
by Pringles Tube December 06, 2015
When you make the lighthearted folly of passing out drunk after popping a new piece of gum. And when you wake up its all over your butt and sheets.
oh look there's allison. she has Butt Gum.
by I rock prada March 28, 2010
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