1. A person who will not leave you alone
2. A very annoying person
3. A person who does stupid things
1. Man that little butt nugget will not go away
2. Get away from me you butt nugget
3. Hey you seen dude do that shit,man what a butt nugget
by Darkest_Nightmare August 20, 2006
someone or something that is a piece of crap or something brown that come out of the butt hole.
geeze......that kid is such a buttnugget, he's a real jerk!
by Dusti September 04, 2005
my buddies that got dropped off at the pool
you are a butt nugget if you like to read this shit
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
When a male shoves his ball sack up a male or female's ass hole.
Dude where were you last night" " I was buttnuggeting your mom
by Da Nuggets October 27, 2010
1. poo
2. crap
3. see splatter bowl punch
I ate Taco Hell and left some nasty butt nuggets in the bowl. Stinky!
by Bud E Love May 05, 2003
See ass nugget.
The ass pirate's skeleton was discovered protecting his plunder of butt nuggets.
by Drew Bryden April 29, 2003
An overly used word by a fat ass nigger named equan.
wat u butt nuggets doin?!

fuck u butt nugget!

i hate niggers!
by Scrodo Mester June 16, 2008

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