n.- a piece of shit found in bed the morning after having anal with a dime piece
He woke up with a butt nugget on his face after new years.
by realestNatZ February 20, 2009
the smelly brown snake that plays peek-a-boo with ur butt hole
carla nicole dean is a largely known skank and butt nugget
by angel_resses101 August 02, 2008
Another way of calling someone crap or turd or piece of shit
"Hey Butt Nugget! Way to cut your dick off with a butter knife!!!"
by Osko November 13, 2006
1. the sharp residue that build-ups when you don't whip well after the release of feces
2. an insult used on those worthy of being called "crap"
Dude, why are you walkin' all bo-legged, you got butt nuggets or somethin'?

I can't believe he didn't even apologize for cheating on her, he's nothin but a lil' butt nugget!
by A.Faith September 14, 2006
stunt show found in hereford founded by the 40 bros .ie something you would find in an ass
Bam margera jumps out of a window . he is now a butt nugget
by josh 40 June 20, 2003
butt nugget a word used by oxfords youth.

when taking a shit a peice of poo sticks to your bum so that you have to shake it off.
"i was having a crap last night when i went to wipe i found a butt nugget.
by tim shick August 30, 2010
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