Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains' ASCAP publishing alias.
"Buttnugget Publishing/ASCAP"
by Lizena March 16, 2003
A particularly rare find when picking one's butt.
I've seen alot of butt nuggets, but this one is the grand prize.
by Anonymous September 30, 2002
round uneven dingleberry that derives from anal discharge
"hunny, my butt nuggets were green today!"
by Godsson21388 October 14, 2008
insult used towards dumbass friends when they insult you and you cant think of a good comeback...then they laugh at you.
my friend>haha..youre such a choad!
me>shut up butt nugget!
my friend>what?!? HAHA!!! butt nugget?!? wtf?!
by JulieKay May 02, 2006
a worthless individual,for other reason is a piece of shit or general dumbass.
Did you see the way that buttnugget cut me off?
by your mom September 03, 2003
Butt nugget's have nothing to do with DINGLEBERRIES, two totally different things, people here confuse the two. A Butt Nugget is refering to larger size for one.

When your taking a shit and can't finish because of some emergency that forces you to pinch a loaf off, leaving a nugget stuck behind your donut hole. Walking around this DOES feel like a nugget stuck in your butt. Being heavily constipated usually forms golf ball types of stool, and pushing them out is a chore on its own but usually one of those nuggets near the end isn't going to make it out and again walking around you'll feel a nugget caught till you can go again (pain killers do this all the time).
I was taking a shit when I hear the baby screaming in his crib so I pinched a loaf, wiped, and went to check on him/her. Now I can't go any more and I'm stuck all day with this butt nugget stuck in my ass.
by Grandpa BiGBALLS January 07, 2010
A small piece of poop; y'know, when you're pooping and little pieces come out gradually at a time? Those things are buttnuggets.
I keep on shitting out buttnuggets, I wish I could be man enough to shit a big honker out, that would, like, so totally rock.
by wnywenke December 24, 2009
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