While participating in the sport of cycling (riding a bicycle) the act of standing up on the pedals to relieve, or prevent, the pain from the pressure of the small saddle.
Hey, I need to give myself a butt-break before I get saddlesore.

When you coast downhill, it is a good time for a butt-break
by Joel1952 March 18, 2006
Top Definition
The time spent on the toilet where a person reads a book, listens to their ipod, or plays there portable gaming system.
We're going on stage in five minutes so this isnt going to be a butt break.

Get your ass working Jake, this isn't your butt break.
by Jamammal July 15, 2010
Taking a rest from gay (homosexual), typically anal sex.
Ya think that flamer needs to take a butt-break.
by Joel1952 March 18, 2006
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