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butt sick adj.:

1. A general feeling of frustration and/or anger.

2. Diarrhea
"This project is making me butt sick."

"That chilli made me butt sick."
by flurbury September 07, 2007
Complaining; fretful; cranky. Having or revealing feelings of whininess, irritability, disappointment, or arrogance. Attitude of dissatisfaction or sickness, commonly attributed to over-consumption of alcohol.
Why are you so buttsick?
by jacko_jackson February 20, 2014
Unusually uncomfortable case of diarrhea (loose bowels)
Dude, I'm so buttsick right now. Must've been the burrito...
by Rocksteadycrew2 January 19, 2012
A bad case of diarrhea. Often used when it is not certain which end you are going to be sick from.
Man, Willy got so sick from that hot sauce.

Butt Sick or Mouth Sick?

Butt Sick
by TheRealTank July 22, 2013

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