Buttshark - Person that love to kiss the bosses Ass.
Man can did you see Bob with the new boss, he's such a Buttshark!
by Bubbacheese October 10, 2005
Top Definition
A person who constantly seeks opportunities to kiss ass.
Watch ot for Jones, he's a Butt Shark.

Smith will Shark you to get ahead.

That asshole Jackson sharked me in front of Maintenance Control.
by Ed USN RET March 09, 2006
One who kisses ass to get noticed or ahead of his coworkers. AKA: a total suckass
damn, that truax is a buttshark!
by Wonderwoman September 01, 2004
When you leave your computer account (usually at work) unlocked, someone finds it and they send emails out (usually to a large amount of people) pretending to be you but saying ridiculous or embarrassing things.

A really good buttshark is one that people can't tell if the person actually sent it or if they got buttsharked. Another variation is to email one person, usually that person's mortal enemy, and apologize for everything and ask them out for beers but BCC everyone else.
Oh come on, you know that John got buttsharked. He has a girlfriend!
by Animaldrummer04 April 20, 2011
Gay, especialy in the cruising, predatory sense
Don't send your little bro for the stuff, the dude is a hard core butt shark!
by Yousseff March 30, 2008
Some one who likes to look at butts. Primarily someone who gropes butts at key moments.
Get your hand of my butt, you butt shark!

He's a real butt shark, always scoping out the butts looking for a kill.
by Ziggamus October 02, 2007
When you suprise someone by sticking 4 fingers up their crack quick like. This is done best when they are wearing underwear or other loose fitting clothing and they are walking up the stairs.
My guy just gave me a fucking butt shark! No way is he gonna get any tonight...
by jessiejane27 January 03, 2011
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