Lame ass poser glam bands.

Gay romantic rock crap.

I cant believe Lisa is trying to get me to go to that butt rock show on friday.
by jet boy September 29, 2007
Butt Rock, as opposed to the above definitions, refers to bands (primarily from the 1990's to present) that use their voice in a twangy deep fashion that could only be described as coming from the butt. They can be on top of many types of music, but usually are made up of simple clean power chords. ex. Creed, Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, Seether, Three Doors Down, Pearl Jam, Lifehouse, etc...
Did you hear that crappy butt rock band that tried to sound like Creed?
by Brandon Schuk December 10, 2006
a genre of rock where the lead singers raspy voice initiates a tingling feeling in the rectum area which causes the listeners butt to rock out and crap because the music is shit.
Kings of Leon, Daughtry, Nickle Back, Creed, Match Box 20, Fuel, Three doors down, stone temple pilots, greenday because they suck and they bleed butt rock
by boofont September 13, 2009
Butt Rock is otherwise known as an "arena-ready anthem." The sounds are repetitious, the voices tend to be raspy and often loud, and the lyrics typically consist of either nonsense or kicking someone's ass.

The music is called "Butt Rock" due to the fact that the music sounds like an anal release passing through an oboe with electric guitar and vocals sprinkled in.

To make it easy on your self, just watch an episode of WWE and listen to the "Butt Rock" entrance music. You will know it when you hear it.
Dammit, that wrestler has another one of those Butt Rock entrances.
by fucktastic nastass February 13, 2009
Butt Rock is really irony. In simple terms it is any music that one does not like and/or lives in denial that they actually listened to that music during that time period but now want to pretend they did not. It has actually nothing to do with quality of said music just the arrogance, inflated ego, and heavy pride of the one labeling it butt rock so they can distance themselves and feel superior.

The sad truth is that those who label it butt rock may as well had been those that listened to it at the time and thus are calling themselves butt rockers. Hence the irony.
Butt Rock? Art #5 knows he listened to that music back in the 80s. He is not fooling anyone. He knows he was a butt rocker then.
by Devin MacGregor January 10, 2008
Eighties era 'heavy metal'. Some bands even continued into the early 90's, while scant others exist today (aerosmith). Fashion items include, but aren't limited to, tight spandex (with or without leopard print), colored boas, leg warmers (over the pants), really tight leather jackets with studs in them, denim galore,etc. Hair was generally teased up with an insane amount of hairspray, known as the metal afro. Members wore copious amounts of makeup lending to a very sassy look. I can't believe this was once considered cool.
That old dude with the rusted out firebird in his front yard was blasting butt rock the other day.
by eerie February 19, 2005
There is one other term for butt rock. It has nothing to do with a genre of music or era, like all of the above, but actually has to do with music within a movie or video game.

Butt rock is terribly cheesy heavy metal played in a scene or moment to make it more "intense". Hundreds of things have butt rock, usually in action movies and games. The music isn't by any particular artist, but just created by some people. Think of it as Elevator music.
I couldn't stand the butt rock playing when he whipped out that machine gun and shot all those ninjas.
by D-Shiznate October 05, 2007

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