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Butt rock is a genre that is liked by many 30 year olds that still want to be cool and rocking. They will go to a local band's show at the bar and starting moshing and throw up a random "horns" sign while headbanging. The music can be described as chugging detuned guitar riffs with a singer/screamer that has a hint of a southern accent. You can expect the drummer of all butt rock bands to have a fan blowing his hair back. Some examples are Creed, Hinder, Shinedown, Seether, Crossfade, and any other band on the disc set of Buzz Ballads. Their lyrics are about their alcoholism or their insane mental sickness. Here are some generic butt rock titles
"Arms of a faceless angel"
"Im an alcoholic 30 year old going through a midlife crisis"
"Honey, Im going to beat you"
"Arms Wide Open"
"Wazzup dog are you goin to the Disturbed and Nickelback show at the ampitheater?"
"Hell no, butt rock is for 30 year olds!"
by Rexarthegreat February 07, 2008

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