Hair bands are synonomous with butt-rock. Hair bands were a phenonmenon exclusive to the 80's and 90's. If the guy used at least one can of hairspray per day, and wore eyeliner, it was a pretty good bet he was a butt-rocker. The SURE thing is whether or not he had a perm, and hair that stuck out/up higher than 3 inches.
These people that consider Creed and Nickleback butt-rock were obviously born in the late 80's or early 90's. Butt-rock is NOT alternative music, it is NOT heavy metal, and it is NOT from the late 90's. Try Poison, Warrant, Slaughter, Winger, White Snake, Guns 'n' Roses...
by spellcheck-enabled July 11, 2010
A rock, usually large with a somewhat flat surface, where an an individual could place there buttocks to sit and take a short rest.
"I can't walk anymore, I need a butt-rock."
by Deathguy6 October 20, 2014
A kind of music popular amoung tweens esp. in the midwest and is usualy found in the alternative rock section of a music store. Butt rock bands usualy have perdictable percusion break downs, simple bass lines, simple gutar riffs and overly emotional/ semi romantic lyrics. The trade mark of butt rock is the straind vocals that make the sinnger sound like he is constipated. This is where "butt" rock gets its name. Examples include: Hinder, Creed, Matchbox 20, three doors down, avenge seven fold, ect. Its is possable for a band to resemble butt rock but not actualy be butt rock. I.E. staind, coldplay, foo fighters.
Man, I just got back from that Creed concert and it was all butt rock.
by matic1989 April 28, 2010
Term, often used disparagingly, that refers to a type of rock music popular during the 1980s and early 1990s typified by band members (predominantly male) who wore makeup and tight leather or spandex pants, and used gratuitous amounts of hairspray in their overzealous 'dos. Responsible for the "power ballad" and music that promotes depravity and glorifies cheap, meaningless sex.
Winger fan: Dude, Kip Winger is the King of Buttrock.
Motley Crue fan: Go fuck yourself, there is no buttrock without the Crue!
Slayer fan: Your both fucking retarded. Buttrock sucks buffalo cock.
by BigBootyHo June 14, 2007
buttrock is all of the bullshit you hear on the radio and every band at rockfest, mind you not every song on the radio. buttrock bands include the following: nickelback, shinedown, buckcherry, theory of a dead man, red, chevelle, dautry, and any other bands that sound alike. the band from any decade but the millennium can be included in this genere. if you like this music you are a buttrocker.
see definition buttrock
by real deal peter steel April 15, 2010
Butt Rock is rock and roll that is often severely lacking in originality but ends up being largely popular because idiots tend to be mesmerized by it.

An easy way to identify whether or not music is butt rock is to play it in a room full of white trash on methamphetamines. If they start head-banging, then you've got yourself some butt rock.

Limp Bizkit is some of the worst butt rock ever to grace the air waves.
by MonstBlitz February 21, 2009
All the definitions before this one are in correct. Butt Rock is style of music, that came to fruition during the late 70's and early 80's. It was defined by the fact that the style of dress or 'traditional garb' of those that created and or listened to Butt Rock included tight-fitting pants that emphasized the buttocks. Meaning, pants, Jeans, etc that were so tight one could make out the outline or details of the buttocks. This was hand in hand with the sexual innuendos and double entendre's that could commonly be found in the lyrics to this style of music.

Additionally, the pants were so tight that the outline of a certain part of the male anatomy were visible. This aspect would be referred to and bring about the label of Cock Rock by those familiar with the genre, but ultimately has the same meaning as Butt Rock.

One would argue that these labels could be deemed negative or a positive, depending on your like or dislike of this particular style of music.

Band Examples: Journey, Foreigner, Ac/Dc, Def Leppard.
Ac/Dc (namely during the Bon Scott era) are a great example of butt rock.

Butt Rock is fun to listen to in small doses, or at an 80's party.
by boxheadhappypill July 15, 2008

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