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Butt Bark consists of the stubborn pieces of turd that cling to the anal hairs and often refuse to let go.
While the rocking maneuver and pinch technique are favored strategies for dealing with Butt Bark, if an additional wipe is warranted, it is best to wipe in a front-to-back fashion to generate the greatest degree of sheer force and to avoid contamination of the genital area.
by Lewis712 March 29, 2011
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a high pitched fart that sounds hugely like a barking dog!
my buttle released a butt bark that sounded like the yip of a small lap dog!!

his butt bark set off a dog in a parked car!
by michael foolsley January 07, 2010
a loud, abrupt fart!
Oops, I just buttbarked! A thousand pardons!
by Gus Smegma February 17, 2006

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