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To start minding one's own business after having previously meddled in the concerns of others.
After being told to butt out, John left his friends alone to settle their differences.
by Libertine August 31, 2009
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To leave. To make one's exit.

Very common in 1960s.
I'm tired of this party. Let's butt out.
by Bumkicker Slade May 11, 2005
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can refer to a person, or the act of 'making an ass out of yourself', in many cases referring to acts of hostility, violence or breaking things under the influence of heavy amounts of alcohol
___________(insert name of offender) is such a butt-out. or Man, did I ever butt-out last nite.
by jeromeo September 01, 2006
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A hunter's tool used, after the deer is dead, to pull the butt hole inside-out then cut it off. Some hunters keep the butt hole and tie it on a neckless or bracelet. Legend has it that the real men swallow the butt hole.
Aaron- "Hey bro, can I borrow your Butt-out! this deer's got a tight ass."

Rich- "Sure thing"
by the voice of the common cock December 14, 2010
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To trash, destory and beat up stuff for no apparent reason. Or to act like Patrick of the WCHL
"Man that guy likes to butt out on stuff. He trashed trees and the condom machine at the bar."
by wchl October 11, 2005
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