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can refer to a person, or the act of 'making an ass out of yourself', in many cases referring to acts of hostility, violence or breaking things under the influence of heavy amounts of alcohol
___________(insert name of offender) is such a butt-out. or Man, did I ever butt-out last nite.
by jeromeo September 01, 2006
either referring to a person who does or the act of consuming heavy amounts of alcohol to the point of 'blacking' out, loss of memory due to over-indulgence of booze, drinking to point of no return, but not passing out, rather continuing your evening into the wee hours of morning
"Holy I was a black-out last nite. I woke up in an ugly chick's bed" or "Wow, _____________ sure got blacked-out last night, he ended up in the drunk tank"
by jeromeo September 01, 2006
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