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A 'Butt Snuffing' is bondage-play nomenclature used to describe a submissive who has accidentally been smothered to death while giving his/her top anal-oral sex. While involuntary manslaughter is a frequent occurance during BDSM sessions, the term "Butt Snuffing" is a neologism directly attributable to, and first seen in print in, the novel Permanent Obscurity by Richard Perez.
"That's it, baby! Tongue-f*ck my @ss!" I growled.

I heard a groan come from beneath me. His hands were clinging desperately to my hips, his fingers really digging in. "Perv," I thought. His groans grew louder, his whole body stiffened, as he seemed to be approaching that peak.

Then I noticed that the man wasn't moving. His hands had dropped off my body. His face was still burried underneath me. "That's kinda weird," I thought.

In the weeks that followed the murder, the newspapers had a field day with my unintentional butt snuffing...
by sexploitation July 25, 2010

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