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Fine clusters of excrement that have solidified on the ends of pubic hairs in the rectal region.

Also double as excellent munitions.
Andrè plucked a butt raisin from the crusty rim of his anus, flicking it nonchalantly at the other people on the bus.
by Professor Rape PhD July 28, 2003

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That unfortunate small bit of poo that gets stuck in your crack. It's missed in the general wipe/cleansing process but ultimately is discovered due to it's odor.

Sometimes the only poo that comes out when constipated, little bits.
I'm so constipated all I can pass is butt raisins.
by Southern Cook again January 15, 2009
The small, stubborn slivers of shit that come out of your ass after you're finished with a dump. Nothing comes out unless you strain every muscle in your ass for 20 minutes until you finally release the butt raisins.
Man, my asshole is empty, but those butt raisins really put a toll on me *huff* huff*
by Bob Brown November 08, 2007