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A chair with a hard or impermiable seat that causes an uncomfortable popping sensation when the person sitting on it farts.
The chairs in the library are serious Butt Mufflers.
by SFDX August 05, 2010
A very audible blast of air from the anal orifice during anal sex.
Dude, Sally kind of freaked me out with that unexpected butt muffler last night.
by datwunmofo October 25, 2008
1. Adj. Butt Muffler- Usually used in terms of insult or just to say something. When used as a direct adjective, mainly an insult, it utterly confuses the target, giving you time for your next comeback.
2. Noun Butt Muffler- When used as a noun, it is usually referred to something that is shove up or into the rectum to "muff" the noise of a fart or black any and all outgoing "materials".
1. You god damn Butt Muffler, go fuck yourself!

2. Dude, your ass is leaking! I'll go get you a Butt Muffler.
by Bmart May 17, 2007
A tool: When a chick puckers up, a paper towel roll stuffed with dryer sheets, to her ass and farts through it so the party doesn't know she tore ass and unleashed on the house.
Ellen felt the queso dip rumblen-down-under knocking on the devils door. She knew her lactose inducement would peal paint off the walls so she grabbed some dryer sheets and a roll of paper towels to pass off a butt muffler.
by Big E' February 28, 2006
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