Butter cooked with marijuana and refrigerated to make sticks.
My mom pre-made several sticks of bu-ta to use in the chicken pot pie.
by MamasitaSVB April 24, 2009
Top Definition
the japanese word for pig.
anata wa buta wo shimashita!!!!
you did the pig!!!!
by Beverly Jones April 03, 2009
A word created in the embers of passion and love. Used to express a wide array of feelings, care, love, happiness, desire and essentially any emotion. Can also be used to replace a person's name. The meaning comes from how the word is said and the context in which it is said. Therefor it can be a combination of emotions or an emotion that there is no word for.
"Buta, I'm hungry" - Referring to the person as buta

"I just want to buta you!" - sex

"I just want to buta you!" - When your so excited there are no other words to describe your feeling.
by omgidfk May 25, 2013
abbrev. of bus turn-around. the area where the school buses arrive. every school might not exactly have one.
"yo, i'll see you at the buta after ninth period."
by ian July 17, 2005
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