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Bustoff; as in the deal, the prognosis or development
Yo, I wanna go out tonight nigga, whats the bustoff?
by Jay Gats October 30, 2009
1 2
Used in the D.C. area to describe some one shoot a gun at someone.
Or hear gunshots
My man had to bust off at them niggaz up the street.
by pizat September 10, 2003
12 14
To take something from your bro that he needs. Like his clothes, his food, his money, his computer.
Drew: Yo, stop busting off my laptop!
Anthony: I NEED to check my myspace, that cute girl sarah is online
Drew: I don't give a fucking fuck go bust off someone else's laptop!
Anthony: nigger...
by Dr. Dreski December 25, 2009
5 8
that straight fire ass weed/dro/marijuana/pot that will have you tweakin off a couple hits
yo that was some bust off im sooo blazed right now
by markmc92 June 09, 2008
1 15