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So shit, BustedPosters are as lame as BustedTees.
No win.
See also Fail
When i first saw those bustedposters ads, i thought Urban Dictionary got hacked by lame jokas
by An0nymous..... June 07, 2009

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The all new posters and advertisement on urbandictionary. It is like a periodic table but full of perverted stuff that many people don't know the meaning of (i do).
Boner Juice: (Self explanatory)

Mud Pie: When you cum inside of an ass

Dick Yogurt: When you leave milk inside of your dick for several days and you pee it out. It is a tasty, fruity delight. When kids do this, the substance is called trix.

These are just a few of the words from Busted Posters
by O.Z. (who else?) June 11, 2009
another stupid ass advertisement for urbandictionary. It is also related to busted tees.
Last night I was so bored, I went on urban dictionary.com and found a busted poster advertisement
by Sage the mighty Kinslayer May 17, 2009