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A busta is somebody who ruins things, be it robberies at pizza places or attempting to follow a train.
"CJ, you a busta!"
by Lance "Ryder" Wilson January 21, 2013
25 8
A prefix that is used to direct an action that is implied by the accompanying word. Followed by a noun or a handful of workable verbs.

It is an open modifier that, by its very nature can urge haste, however this is not necessarily true in all cases as this modifier can be used simply in to complete slang colloquial.
"Bust a right here."
This can be used while driving, walking, or navigating in any form, though more appropriate with motorized vehicles.

"Bust a move."
A catch phrase used to promote late 20th century Dance Dance Revolution games. Though the 'bust a' modifier was not started with Dance Dance Revolution, this phrase has locked the modifier's fate with the popular arcade machine.

"Bust a feel."
Synonymous with cop a feel.
by Turing May 02, 2004
18 6
An adult that relies on others for financial support and is always broke.
We never call him anymore because he's a busta. We always gotts pay for his drinks.

She's a busta. Dat bitch live at her granmamma's crib.
by tomahhtoe May 20, 2009
25 19
A lame,a wanna be,cant get like others;
that hoe a wanna be and always tryin to front...she a busta
by nene101392 June 14, 2008
17 13
Someone who is broke, or someone who depends on others financially.
"I can't date that fool, he's a broke ass busta!"
by Thomas The Tomato March 17, 2008
7 4
A person whom was once loyal to the crew/gang, but had ditched them emotonaly or pysacaly', to gain possable money,respect or popularity.
A "Busta" may also abandon his/her values/beliefs to get achieve their goals.
B-Dup: yo' maul' fukka, we be riding into dem' bitches dance crew tonite.
Cracka: nauh' man. Dat'punk bitch jamall gonna go "ON MSN".
B-Dup: Straight Busta.
by Ghettonomus May 27, 2008
38 36
Term used in "gangsta" style rap music to define someone who
uses the lifestyle of poverty stricken, violent, racist, and/or urban areas to gain wealth and recognition without actually having lived with such conditions.
It has also become associated with those who attempt or choose to live such lifestyles (for "street-cred") when they have no need to.
"We fuckin' roll on bustas out here"

"Fo'get dose busted-ass rappers you heard comin' out, 'cause dis is real"
by farged November 21, 2007
8 6