Top Definition
To shoot an individual with a gun.
You bitch, getin all swoa, Im gunna bust a cap in yo ass!
by James/Skeeter/Drex March 16, 2003
Slang for "im going to shoot you"
Byron: Your gay
Jonny: I will bust a cap in yo ass.
Byron: Try it.
Jonny:*Grabs Shotgun* Are you sure?
Byron: Yeah
Jonny: *Shoots Byron*
by ?? January 31, 2003
To put a bullet in your body but not reserved soley for the ass region and usually intended to kill you!
Nigga! If you don't hand over that mote right now I am gonna bust a cap in yo ass!

You better start actin' like a grown ass man or I'm gonna bust a cap in you ass!!!
by shizrok October 12, 2007
To shoot someone out of annoyance or insult,to shoot sumone for fun or to just say u will and scare them
"better watch you back cuz i hav a gun and ill bust a cap in your ass so go away cuz i have a gun and ill shoot u if u dont go away"
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