It is a BOND between the two astrological CUSP signs that share the same day of the different months and have moments where they can relate and connect to one another on the the same level during most or all the time.

Shel's birthday is November 19th and Pay's birthday is March 19th, being that she is a Scorpio and he is a Pisces, both water signs, = compatible; hence the BOND. then, they are also both on the cusp's on their signs, since we are both on the 19th, hence the CUSP. Both Bond and Cusp combine to make the BUSP: A moment when one Shel and Pay experience the effects of CUSP AND BUSP AT THE SAME TIME!
by shelbzz December 20, 2009
Top Definition
(Verb) To Busp. To act like Hamad or a Hamad, performing such actions that relate to actions of a Hamad.
"Go and Busp"(Once a ball has been kicked out of play)
"Stop with the Busp Hamad!"
by Dlight Switch July 10, 2008
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