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When someone realizes that voting Republican has caused them terrible harm.
Workers Lear Seigler Services Incorporated in North Carolina, a company that repairs huge gas-guzzling Hummers, were just Bushslapped with a massive layoff on the day they were supposed to get Christmas bonuses.

He was a proud Republican, until he was Bushslapped back into the army fifteen years after he'd retired from service.

After her husband was killed in Iraq, she felt Bushslapped when she saw the pResident making a joke about looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction under his office desk.
by Ian December 07, 2004
when a nasty guy like me self slaps amanda big ass bushh
"damn that bush was like a jungle i had to have a whole crew to help me get through, but i made it and i slapped that bush til it bled, oh wwait or maybe that was her pms blood?
by annoymous March 05, 2005
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