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It's what you call someone after you push them into a bush or nearby shrub.
Jack: "Ah ha! BushMonkey!"
John: "ya bastard!"
by aibou June 29, 2011
The name given to a someone who conceals themselves with shrubbery in unfamiliar territory, then grabs and rapes unsuspecting persons walking nearby, i.e. bush whacking
Jaque: "Carlito I'm going to go bush monkey over near Caitlyn's house, wanna come?
Carlito: "Oh yes please! I always love a good bush whacking!
*Bush monkeys near Caitlyn's house
*Caitlyn walks by
Jaque: "NOW!
*Abducts Caitlyn into nearby bush
by YEETITO January 14, 2016
a woman of the unusually hairy variety, expecially in the "nether" regions. ex. Madonna in her Playboy pictures.
Hey, yo, weasel that bitch was such a bushmonkey that it would take me all day, a compass, and a brushhog to find her frog.
by Cinna January 05, 2005
A women/girl with a hairy Pussy.
'That girl is a bush monkey, She needs to shave that pussy!'
by BallinDave February 28, 2008
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