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lesbian,woman who likes other women
Dude, that chick only goes for other chicks. She's a bush pilot.
by Max July 19, 2004
A person whom lives in alaska and does nothing but plays with themselves and brags about it. A bushpilot does not work and just sits on they're ass all day 24/7. Is also horrible at video games.
I can tell you this, I do not want to grow up and be a Bushpilot.
by CrazyGreek May 22, 2013
A person who cruises a hairy womans valley in search of intercourse.
Ew did you see his gfs bush at that party? Yea! Westpalms is such a bush pilot!
by anonymously inclined February 02, 2011
A pilot who flys passengers or cargo out of small back country airports. Most common in third world countries, or near the artic circle in Alaska and Canada.
His job is very dangerous and exciting, he's a bush pilot.
by gevanm August 04, 2005
A pussy-eater.
Billy told his mom he wanted to be a bush pilot when he grew up, and she slapped him silly.
by horatio April 25, 2003
A man who screws a very hairy woman.
My friend (who has his pilot's licence) was telling me about his new girlfriend (who was georgous by the way) - and when through detailed description of getting her in the sack for the first time. He complained about how much hair she had down there (likened it to a wookie), and I could help but say - 'your a bush pilot'.
by fredster December 13, 2007

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