Complete and totally fucked up hair.
What the hell happened to your head?
What do you mean...doesn't it look nice?
Hell,'s fucking bushwhacked!
by Anger King January 19, 2013
the act of being hit by pubic hair repeatedly while performing oral sex
The girl who gave me head at the party was getting bushwhacked 'cause I hadn't trimmed in weeks!
by G. Whacker Bush September 13, 2011
Removing a partner's underwear only to find an enormous scragly 70s bush.
"I was about to bang her but when I got her panties off.. BAM! I got bushwhacked!"
by Vakharn December 05, 2009
When a lazy chick doesn't shave her pussy for a long time and wakes up from hernia or female related surgery and has no snatch hair because it was removed by hospital staff.
(on the phone with her friend) "Damn Bitch, when I came-to from the anesthesia from surgery yesterday, I looked down at my pussy and realized I was bush whacked."
by LoveMeSomeNakedWomen June 12, 2013
When you've been in the bush for so long, that when you get back to the 'city' or anywhere that has more than 25 people you sketch like a junkie that smoked one too many rocks
Fuck, its been three and a half months since I've been in the bush, when i get back to vancouver I'm gonna be bush whacked
by killmenow July 27, 2007
When your hair is extremely messy and it looks like a bush of needle dicks smacked you. it hurts!!
I am bushwhacked this mornign
by BOB VILLA May 05, 2003
bushwhacked is when a guy tries to eat a girl out, but can't because she has a bit too much bush.
Mike: dude, I tried to eat her out but, she had a fucking fro.
Adam: bro, you got hella bushwhacked!
Mike: Tell me about it! I used like a whole box of toothpicks.
by Brie October 16, 2004
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