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Meaning the same thing as bull shit, bush shit is a hybrid of President George W. Bush’s name and shit, which is what he is full of. "Bush shit" is not only used to refer to political matters but can be used in any situation that "bull shit" is used.
Aint that some Bush shit.

Man, you full of Bush shit.

The president is speaking again, that guy is full of Bush shit.
by JackD March 15, 2005
When The President confuses the truth by using the wrong words or just outright lies.
Did you hear Presidetn Bush's speech on the economy last night? It was total Bushshit!
by vickys88 August 09, 2008
Updated pronunciation for the word BULLSHIT. Used to describe a obvious lie. Named after an U.S.A president who use to repeatedly tell lies to achieve his objectives.
That guy only talks BUSHSHIT
by halfoftheworld December 18, 2005
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