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A fierce creature that has been spotted roaming around the university of florida's campus. When spotted it stares directly into the soul of the victim, destroying it forever and thus turning them into a ginger. Typically seen in the smaller form, being about the size of a orange house cat but when full grown the bush LION can reach the size of three mini vans with proper dietary means. The only way to stop a bush cat is steal the souls it has taken by taking its picture. Then the picture should be disclosed to the world to spread bush cat awareness.
" I saw a bush cat in the bushes near library west the other day, I was able to take its picture and save my soul."

" Oh NO!, look at that poor ginger, she must have been attacked by a bush cat!"
a derogatory term for an indigenous australian. can be used in place of abo, boong, coon etc
get out of my bin you dirty bushcat
by toffy May 22, 2005
a pussy that is groomed well, delicious looking. hairy in the traditional sense, not overgrown and discustting. also known as hairy kitty.
Every time i look at my girlfriends bushcat, it makes me want to eat it then fuck it!
by TeamJimmy July 08, 2009
Namibian slang for nigger.

It comes from the phrase "you can take the kaffir out of the bush, but you can't take the bush out of the kaffir"
Don't go down that street. There's a whole lot of bush cats down there.
by George McBob May 11, 2009
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